Active Creations by Sapronetti

Ordering from Us


To order any of the items on our website, please send us an email with the item title and your preferred method of payment. Many of our items can be purchased online from our eBay Store and

We accept PayPal, checks, or money orders. Delivery for orders is within 7 to 10 days from our receipt of payment. Shipping charges are in addition to the displayed price and the Buyer is responsible for all shipping fees. If you would like a shipping quote on an item contact us. (Be sure to provide city and state/country information for the shipping destination so we can provide you with an accurate quote). We prefer to insure original items, so please indicate if you prefer otherwise.

Additional Options

To purchase an item from our website, simply email us with your purchase request. These works are frequently displayed in locations other than our website and could be sold at any time. As soon as we receive a purchase request the item will be listed in the archive section of our website even though the transaction is not yet complete. In the event we receive multiple requests to purchase the same item, we will sell to the first request received and notify others that the item is in the process of being sold. In the event it is not sold to the first requestor, we will offer it to the second (etc.) before re-listing the item on our website as being for sale.

Returns: Customer satisfaction is our priority. Due to the subjectivity of art appreciation, we remain flexible on returns for one-of-a-kind items. If you have a problem and wish to return a piece, contact us at However, if you have possessed an item over 6 weeks, we consider the transaction complete.

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