>From: kbrown Thu Jul 28 06:13:33 1994
>Subject: A copy of my post.........

This is what I wrote this morning... its going to be posted on the Denver Freenet...... just thought you'd like to see this, especially after last nights talk..........

Brothers and Sisters... welcome to the Vet's area SIG. This is a place where you can look for your friends, ask questions, or just make a statement about your feelings in general. If you read about something you think others will want to see, then post it here.

I asked about having this area put in...and this is probably one of the hardest post that I will have to do as I have not really talked to anybody in many, many years. I hope that anyone who has combat related PTSD will share their feelings. Now I know that "I am not alone" in dealing with feelings I have suppressed since returning to "the world".

In my own case, my High School Vacation was between 1969-71, in various locations in RVN, US Air Force, and was with a group called "Safeside", which was not a typical USAF unit. (Note: If anyone else is here that belonged to that unit, please e-mail me),

Over the last few years, a lot of things started really bothering me...but I held back..thinking it was just me. Fourteen months ago, due to a lot of reasons, I started looking for a "Reach out" group, through the VA {HA... what a joke!} and after making a couple of dozen calls, finally hooked up and have been attending weekly meetings. All I can say is that after all this time, I feel a little better about myself and have opened up a lot more things than I expected......but it does start the healing process.

Feel free to post here or email me......emails direct to me will be just that, UNLESS you are a heckler in which case I will forward to the system administrators for their action. Also, hecklers and flamers are not welcome in this SIG. Most of us have had enough of that to last us a lifetime, plus.....

This is my first time for doing something like this and to be very honest... I have been putting this off since the great folks here at DFN said they would install this area. I have typed more here about ME, than I have said, except in group, for the last 23 years.....

Just remember..... you are not alone, and since I have heard this expression a few times now during the last 14 months all I can say is....... "Welcome Home!"

Keith, av680@freenet.hsc.colorado.edu

Keith Brown, July 1994

In memory of over 58,044 brothers and sisters who never returned......Vietnam 62-75