Meeting the Physical You
(After Months of Knowing the Virtual You)

This poem was written by two voices...... his and hers shortly before their first face-to-face meeting after months of chatting on the Internet.

Two lives that cross
on the path to eternity
Not knowing where time will bring

Sharing of knowledge that
fate brings along,
not worrying about anything.

Time is our master
but it is ours to use
gathering all things
and paying the dues.

Sharing and caring
one for another
expressing thoughts
long after dark.

Deep and touching
into one another we probe
knowing and hoping
this is not a lark.

Time is our master and
distance is our curse
but from this we will create
our own chapter and verse.

But the time has come
for the distance to near,
time is on our side
and it is very near.

With a flash of the eye
the clock ticks away
in a few moments
it will be our day.

When our day arrives
we'll be nervous as can be
but calm will reach out
for you and me.

Then strangers no longer,
neither in daylight nor dark
Our words can be heard
no longer vaguely stark.

Our eyes can speak
the volumes still untold
Our souls can touch, our hands
our lips, and all to behold.

Distance has been our master
but this week it will amend
Then we can learn the answer
will we be lovers or just friends.

Written 7/29/94
Copyright 1994, 1997
Keith Brown