Keith Brown


Over 20 years experience in Law Enforcement; approximately 9 years sales experience; 8 years computer experience; 12 years management and supervision; 20 years in physical security.

Education & Certifications:

Equivalent of AA degree; numerous certifications in security and investigations; Novell system administrator. More information available.


COMPUTER SERVICES MANAGER (3+ years) Responsible for the initial purchase (one million dollars), setup, activation and on-going support of approximately 130 personal computer systems, Token Ring network with approximately 90 PCs on a Novell server. Click here for more information.

COMPUTER SYSTEMS SECURITY OFFICER (3+ years) Supervise three collateral-duty staff. Ensure compliance with national policy and develop institutional policies concerning computer operations & security; Department of Justice C-3 clearance. Click here for more information.

CORRECTIONAL OFFICER (7+ years) Supervision of 6+ correctional officers; responsible for the operation of special (high risk) housing units; developed a computerized tracking system for special housing units; total of three promotions. Click here for more information.

LAW ENFORCEMENT (11+ years) Includes physical security of buildings and aircraft; military and civilian investigations; supervision; installation and removal of electronic alarm systems and other devices. Click here for more information.

Keith Brown
Milton, Pennsylvania

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Professional Organizations

National Computer Security Association
Milton Amateur Ham Radio Club
Susquahana Amateur Ham Radio Club
Amateur Radio Emergence Service
Amateur Radio Weather Watchers (NWS)






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Employment History

COMPUTER SERVICES MANAGER, May 1992 through present. Federal Bureau of Prisons, L.S.C.I. Allenwood, Allenwood, Pennsylvania 17887 (B.C. Sykes). Responsible for the daily operations and on-going maintenance of approximately 130 personal computer systems, Token Ring network with approximately 90 PCS on a Novell server, Novell server using ARCNET with 10 dumb terminals; National Crime Information Center (NCIC) network connection. Receive and manage annual budget for all computer related purchase. Supervise three collateral-duty staff. Insure compliance with national policy and develop institutional policies concerning computer operations & security (initiate investigations and report violations to BOP Central Office). Participate in development of Strategic Plan for the institution and near-by facilities; weekly management meetings for all department heads; Chairman of Computer Security Committee. Daily duties include maintaining system security through monitoring of software, creating/delete user accounts, ensure appropriate level of security clearance has been initiated/adjudicated for all staff and contractors requesting access to include critical/sensitive positions to have a Department of Justice C-3 clearance, assignments of terminals and their security, approval of all computer hardware/software purchases; network system administration; installation of new software and hardware; on-going maintenance and trouble shooting of all hardware, software and network functioning; function as help-desk for users; provide monthly formal user training and daily informal user training. Promoted from GS-09 to GS-11 in May 1993 and to GS-12 in May 1994.

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SENIOR CORRECTIONAL OFFICER, January 1986 through May 1992. Federal Bureau of Prisons, U.S. Penitentiary, Terre Haute, Indiana 47808. Responsible for training and performance reporting of five to seven correctional officers. Responsible for the operations of special housing units which included total supervision of security of inmates who were disciplinary problems or high risk. Responsible for periodic operation of the control center (communications, coordination of inmate movements, maintain liaisons with outside agencies for inmate movements outside the prison, etc.) and performing periodic escorts outside prison. Conducted minor investigations, performed drug screens (urine tests), investigated integrity of visitors and monitored visitor conduct. Promoted from GS-06 to GS-07 in 1/86.

CORRECTIONAL OFFICER, January 1985 through January 1986. Federal Bureau of Prisons, U.S. Penitentiary, Terre Haute, Indiana 47808. Responsibility for maintaining physical security of assigned housing units. Processed and monitored visitors. Supervised inmates. Promoted from GS-05 to GS-06 in 1/85.

CORRECTIONAL OFFICER TRAINEE, September 1984 through January 1985. Federal Bureau of Prisons, U.S. Penitentiary, Terre Haute, Indiana 47808 (D. Otey).
Supervision of inmates.

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INSURANCE SALES, September 1983 through September 1984. Midwest Insurance Agency, P.O. Box 676, Robinson, Illinois 62454 (Self-employed). Contracted with different insurance companies after analyzing their reputation; selling life, health, accident and annuities (IRA, 401K, etc.). Assisted with filling out claims; counsel for finances and taxes.

ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE COLLECTOR, September 1982 through August 1983. Crawford Memorial Hospital, 1000 North Allen, Robinson, Illinois 62454 (Carlton King). Collected delinquent accounts; established payment plans for persons who needed same; conducted legal proceedings in order to collect monies due; kept records of payments and other ledgers; assisted in Public Relations Programs.

U.S. MAIL CARRIER, May 1982 through August 1982. United States Post Office, Robinson, Illinois 62454 (Ralph Worman). Delivered mail on assigned routes; sort mail for route.

ASSISTANT CLUB MANAGER, August 1981 through January 1982. American Legion Post #69, 306 East Main Street, Robinson, Illinois 62454 (Ron Weger; Richard Bolinger). Managed club activities while on duty. Bartending; responsible for all cash, activities, and ordering supplies. Extended assistance to military veterans as needed.

PATROLMAN / SECURITY GUARD, September 1980 through August 1981. L.S. Heath & Sons, Inc., Robinson, Illinois 62454 (Paul Bass). Performed duties of Armed Patrolman to provide security for key personnel; checked fixed assets for unlawful entry and fire checks; maintained watch of personnel for company violations and/or unlawful activities.

GENERAL MANAGER; Director of Operations/Special Operations, September 1979 through August 1980. Electronic Intel, Inc./Drake Detective Agency, P.O. Box 35323, Phoenix, Arizona 85069 (John M. Fritz). Conducted civil and private investigations, including but not limited to domestic, civil, criminal and corporate. Conducted day to day operations, supervising all undercover operations and personnel. Contacted clients, testified in court as needed, conducted special investigations as needed. Solicited clients for various services including alarm systems, lie detection, anti-theft investigations, undercover operations (for retail and corporate clients) and other various services. Installed residential and commercial site burglar alarms.

INVESTIGATOR / SECURITY CONSULTANT, July 1977 through September 1979. Electronic Intel, Inc./Drake Detective Agency, P.O. Box 35323, Phoenix, Arizona 85069 (John M. Fritz). Conducted investigations (as mentioned above) including child custody cases, missing person locations. Reviewed and recommended security procedures for private industries & individual persons. Evaluated present security systems and replaced/installed as needed; video surveillance equipment. Conducted investigations including civil/criminal violations, background investigations, etc. Trained persons for investigations/special investigations. Located missing persons. Solved thefts, robberies, child snatching (parental), industrial espionage, breaches at corporate security, and other criminal matters. Received training in voice lie detection (PSE) (not certified). Provided short and long term protection for persons/premises; body guard.

LAW ENFORCEMENT SUPERVISOR, July 1968 through August 1979. United States Air Force. Law Enforcement Police/Supervisor; responsible for all law enforcement on USAF installations assigned. Supervisor for 25-50 patrolmen; desk sergeant; criminal investigator. Provided protection for persons and buildings; assisted in presidential protection on a number of occasions (Homestead, Fla/Anchorage, Alaska). Was assigned as supervisor/law enforcement investigations; assisted various Federal & State investigation agencies (i.e., Secret Service, USPS Investigations, FBI, Treasury/Customs, Immigrations, BNDD (DEA), etc.). Received several letters of accommodations for assistance rendered/services provided. Was assigned to the Combat Security Police May 1969 - February 1970. Two credited tours in South East Asia (Republic of Vietnam).


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