Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

This is something that I wrote in 9/94...
What is PTSD?
        Not having feelings that show, even to yourself.  
                A self medicator.
                        A person who wants to be in control.
                                A person who lacks control.
        Trying to cope with yourself.
                Trying to cope with others.                
                        Knows the true meaning of "trust."
                                Knows the true meaning of "Betrayal."
        Laughing at stupid things.
                Laughing at nothing.
                        Being steadfast at beliefs.
                                Being steadfast at nothing.
        Being a successful person.      
                Being a drop out.
                        An expert at "faking" it.
                                Being well-to-do.
                                        Being poor.
        Being happy on the surface.
                Hating everything, including yourself.
                        Caring for everyone, except yourself.
                                Not caring for anything.
                                        Never can cry.
        Being alone.
                Being alone, even with family and friends.        
                        Staying in your cave.
                                  And the cave never ends while you're alone.


copyright September 1994, 1997
by Keith Brown
all rights reserved