Oh My! What Have You Found?

NFSP Database:
  • Number of plants: 322
  • Number of photos (used with permission): 234
  • Last updated: 4/27/08


This is a personal web site, created for the sole purpose of satisfying the curiosity of an obsessed gardener living in the panhandle area of North Florida.

You see, there was this spot in the yard that needed a plant this tall and t-h-i-s wide. It received only dappled sunlight (full shade) and needed something that bloomed and would be colorful in the fall, easy to care for (no pruning!) and.......

And so the quest began. First the budding answers lived in a spreadsheet with tiny thumbnail photos. However, there were these other empty spots in the shady yard....... Very quickly the spreadsheet grew too large to manage and had to be transplanted to a database. Oh my gosh, the obsession was unleashed! But what about photos? The web can do it! Put the database on the web. Yes, that's the ticket.

Please feel free to search the North Florida (Zone 8b) Shade Plant Database for the perfect plant to grow in that shady spot in your North Florida garden -- however, please know that you enter at your own risk, the information you find is based on research (that frequently produced conflicting facts) instead of personal experience, and therefore, nothing is guaranteed to be true.

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