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Mary Jean Antonucci / George
and her Descendants
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Giacomo Antonio 'John George' Antonucci
B. 11/6/1863
D. 12/23/1933

Almarinda 'Amelia' Mastrocola
B. 1878
D. 5/22/1956
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The children of Grace Sapronetti:

  1. No children

Grace Ann Sapronetti
B. 10/31/1922
D. 1/28/1989

Paolo (Paul) Luigi Sapronetti
B. 11/18/1890
D. 10/12/1978

Giuseppe Sapronetti
B. 1860
D. 1910

Purifica Bacchi
B. 1860
D. 1920

The children of Giuseppe 'Pepi' 'Joe' Sapronetti:

  1. No children

Giuseppe 'Pepi' 'Joe' Joseph James Sapronetti
B. 7/9/1924
D. 10/24/2011

The children of John "Jack" Sapronetti:

  1. No children

John "Jack" George Sapronetti
B. 9/22/1926
D. 12/3/1991

The children of Alma Sapronetti:

  1. No children

Alma Mae Sapronetti
B. 3/16/1929
D. 11/30/2016

The children of Paul Sapronetti:

  1. No children

Paul Lewis Sapronetti
B. 11/4/1931
D. 7/28/1975

The children of Richard Sapronetti:

  1. No children

Richard Lee Sapronetti
B. 10/29/1933
D. 4/27/2016