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Etta Belle Armstrong
and her Descendants
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George Lee Armstrong
B. 10/14/1873
D. 3/14/1919

Nora Virginia Coe
B. 5/17/1873
D. 9/18/1949
GrandchildrenChildren Husband(s) Husband's Parents

The children of Nora Halley:

  1. No children

Nora Elizabeth Halley
B. 6/8/1919
D. 8/25/2007

Caleb Wesley Halley
B. 1/29/1898
D. 1/31/1951

John Bennett Halley
B. 10/21/1869
D. 6/24/1940

Mary Elizabeth Peacock
B. 5/17/1875
D. 12/23/1957

The children of John Halley:

  1. No children

John Lee Halley
B. 2/28/1921
D. 7/17/1991

The children of James Halley:

  1. No children

James Lloyd Halley
B. 6/2/1923
D. 4/22/2008

The children of Donald Halley:

  1. No children

Donald Harrel Halley
B. 6/30/1925
D. 2/21/1992

The children of Caleb Halley:

  1. Luther David Halley (1953 - 2018)

Caleb Wesley Halley
B. 3/9/1928
D. 5/7/2003

The children of Florence Halley:

  1. James Gregory Markham (1957 - 2008)

Florence Nell Halley
B. 4/21/1936
D. 12/6/2020

The children of infant son Halley:

  1. No children

infant son Halley
B. 3/8/1940
D. 3/8/1940