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J. Wendall Lewis Koser 

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Henry Louis Koser
4/15/1869 - 1/19/1932

Edith Gillette
7/15/1883 - 12/9/1918
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J. Wendall Lewis Koser
10/5/1916 - 11/20/1917
J. Wendall Lewis Koser was born on October 5, 1916 somewhere in Nebraska and died on November 20, 1917 in Allen, Nebraska. This child lived to be about 13 months old.

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1 1917 NEWS HEADLINES: In June, the United States enters World War I on the side of the allies. The Russian Revolution ends the reign of the czars and thrusts Russia into communism.
1 1917 Germany uses airplanes to drop bombs in the early stages of World War I -- the first major military use of airplanes.

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