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Sybil Barnes
1700 - 1745
Sybil Barnes was born about 1700 in Chowan, North Carolina and died about 1745 somewhere in South Carolina. Dates for birth and death are estimated. She lived to be about 45 years old.

She was a full-blood Native American.
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Click on any of the News, Events, or Discoveries buttons above to see historical things that happened during Sybil Barnes's life. These are only some of the major events that affected the life and times of Sybil, her family, and friends. For example, Sybil is 20 years old when The population of American colonists reaches 475,000. Boston (pop. 12,000) is the largest city, followed by Philadelphia (pop. 10,000) and New York (pop. 7000)
4 1704 First town, Bath, is established in North Carolina by the arrival of the French Huguenots.
11 1711 The Tuscarora War begins between the local Indians and colonists. After two years of fighting, the Tuscarora Indians move west.
18 1718 Blackbeard, the pirate is killed off the North Carolina coast.
19 1719 By 1719, North Carolina and South Carolina have separated into two colonies.
6 1706 The province is divided into 12 parishes as the Church of England becomes the state church.
13 1713 The Yemassee Indian Wars begin and continue through 1717. After killing every trader they could find, the Creek Indians launched a broad attack across the Savannah River at settlers on South Carolina's frontier.
19 1719 By 1719, the South Carolina region is separated from North Carolina and becomes a royal colony. Records were kept in Charleston.
39 1739 "Stono's Rebellion" - insurrection of slaves on Stono River plantations.
20 1720 The population of American colonists reaches 475,000. Boston (pop. 12,000) is the largest city, followed by Philadelphia (pop. 10,000) and New York (pop. 7000)
30 1730 Map of US Colonies
32 1732 James Oglethorpe establishes the Georgia Colony in the new world. The new settlers form friendships with the Creek Indian Nation towns in this area. Georgia is the thirteen English colony to be settled.
1 1701 England's Act of Settlement created; War of Spanish Succession begins
7 1707 Scotland and England unite to form "Great Britain"
15 1715 War of Spanish Succession ends
38 1738 System of forced labor to build roads in France is devised by Jean Orry
43 1743 King George's War against North America and Caribbean begins

Abraham Odom
Born about 1695 and died about 1760
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The Children of Sybil Barnes

Alice Aley Odom
Born somewhere in South Carolina about 1740 and died in Edgefield, South Carolina about 1805. She was about 65 years old.

Family lore says she was Native American. Some say Choctaw and others say she was Catawba, Chehaw, or Lumbee....
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