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Mary Sampson
1727 - 1775
Mary Sampson was born about 1727 in Goochland, Virginia and died about 1775 in Goochland, Virginia. Dates for birth and death are estimated. She lived to be about 48 years old.

Marriage Goochland VA (St James County)  
Name: William Maddox, Gender: Male, Marriage Date: 1750, Marriage Place: St James Northam Parish,Goochland,Virginia Spouse: Mary Sampson, FHL Film Number 975.5 V2D 
Census1/1/1782 Township 11 08 VA (Cumberland County) 7 yrs after death 
Name: William Maddox State: VA County: Cumberland Township: 11 08 Year: 1782 Record Type: Continental Census Page: 16 Database: VA Early Census Index 

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Click on any of the News, Events, or Discoveries buttons above to see historical things that happened during Mary Sampson's life. These are only some of the major events that affected the life and times of Mary, her family, and friends. For example, Mary is 3 years old when Map of US Colonies
25 1752 Great Britain adopts the Gregorian calendar on 9/14/1752.
42 1769 The first steam engine is invented by Watt
22 1749 Laws in GA prohibiting the importation of slaves are rescinded. Georgia planters were hiring SC slaves for life and even openly purchasing slaves at the dock in Savannah.
48 1775 NEWS HEADLINES: On April 18th, Paul Revere makes his famous ride proclaiming "The British are Coming" and the American Revolution War begins. Britain hires 29,000 German mercenaries to handle conflict in North America.
3 1730 Map of US Colonies
5 1732 James Oglethorpe establishes the Georgia Colony in the new world. The new settlers form friendships with the Creek Indian Nation towns in this area. Georgia is the thirteen English colony to be settled.
20 1747 The New York Bar Association is founded in New York City
23 1750 Charleston, SC, has become the most affluent and largest city in the South. It is the leading port and trading center for the southern colonies. The population in the Carolinas has exceeded 100,000 with many French Protestant Huguenots. The wealth plantation owners bring private tutors from Ireland and Scotland. Public education does not exist.
33 1760 The Cherokee War (1760-61) ends in a treaty that opens the Up County for settlement. The Bounty At of 1761 offers public land tax free for ten years, and settlers from other colonies begin pouring into the Carolina "Up Country".
36 1763 Georgia Gazette begins publication. It is the first newspaper in Georgia and the eighth newspaper in the English colonies.
39 1766 Britain passes the Stamp Act taxing all colonial newspapers, advertisements, leases, licenses, pamphlets, and legal documents. Later the same year, Britain repeals the Stamp Act in Britain -- but it continues to be enforced on colonists in North America
46 1773 Angered by the tea tax of 1767 and the British East India Company's monopoly on tea trade, the independent New England colonial merchants dump the precious cargo overboard into the Boston harbor. This incident is called the Boston Tea Party.
47 1774 The First Continental Congress of fifty-five representatives (except from the colony of Georgia) meets in Philadelphia to discuss relations with Britain, the possibility of independence, and the hope of a peaceful solution. King George III scorns the thought of reconciliation and declares the colonies to be in a state of open rebellion.
48 1775 On April 18th, Paul Revere makes his famous ride proclaiming "The British are Coming" and the American Revolution War begins. Britain hires 29,000 German mercenaries to handle conflict in North America.
11 1738 System of forced labor to build roads in France is devised by Jean Orry
16 1743 King George's War against North America and Caribbean begins
21 1748 King George's War against North America and Caribbean ends
29 1756 Seven Year's War begins
32 1759 Jesuits are forced out of France
36 1763 Seven Year's War ends; Peace is established in Paris between France, Spain, England and Portugal
37 1764 Britain passes the Sugar Act forbids American importation of foreign rum and taxing imported molasses, wine, silk, coffee, and a number of other luxury items.
40 1767 Jesuits are forced out of Spanish America

William Maddox
Born on January 11, 1719 and died on April 9, 1800
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The Children of Mary Sampson

Michael Maddox
Born somewhere in Virginia about 1750 and died in Hancock County, Georgia about 1807. He was about 57 years old.

He married Jane Thomas.
Andrew Maddox, (1770 Va. - 1827-30 Marion Co., AL) - he married Leah Trammell
Judith "Juda" Andsworth Maddox (1776 Va. - after 1850 Marion Co., AL)
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