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Edith Gillette
and her Descendants
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Robert V. Gillette
B. 1853
D. 1953

Ida Davidson
B. 1862
D. 1962
GrandchildrenChildren Husband(s) Husband's Parents

The children of Ruth Koser:

  1. No children

Ruth M. Koser
B. 9/10/1902
D. 7/13/1903

Henry Louis Koser
B. 4/15/1869
D. 1/19/1932

Solomon Koser
B. 8/28/1826
D. 1/29/1912

Mary Ann Pickle
B. 8/27/1825
D. 1/12/1889

The children of Oma Koser:

  1. Delbert Alden Knudson, Jr. (1923 - 1932)
  2. Darlene Adele Knudson (1925 - 2006)

Oma Beryl Koser
B. 3/24/1904
D. 4/13/1984

The children of Vernon Koser:

  1. No children

Vernon Doyle Koser
B. 1906
D. 12/9/1918

The children of Ethel Koser:

  1. No children

Ethel Corrine Koser
B. 4/3/1910
D. 3/15/2005

The children of Lavera Koser:

  1. No children

Lavera Koser
B. 10/28/1913
D. 12/29/2003

The children of J. Wendall Koser:

  1. No children

J. Wendall Lewis Koser
B. 10/5/1916
D. 11/20/1917

The children of Edith Koser:

  1. No children

Edith Fern Koser
B. 12/9/1918
D. 10/1/1919