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Lodie  Walker 

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Chambers Walker
12/1821 - 1907

Nancy Moriah Crow
6/1833 - 1901
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Lodie Walker
1868 - 1878
Lodie Walker was born about 1868 somewhere in Georgia and died about 1878 in Douglas County, Georgia. Dates for birth and death are estimated. She lived to be about 10 years old.

She was the youngest child of Chambers and Nancy and died when she was about 10 years old. She is buried in an unmarked grave at Chapel Hill baptist Church in Douglas County. She has a little dog that stood vigil at her grave and would not leave. The family carried him food and water for several days before he finally came home.
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Click on any of the News, Events, or Discoveries buttons above to see historical things that happened during Lodie Walker's life. These are only some of the major events that affected the life and times of Lodie, her family, and friends. For example, Lodie is 7 years old when Tennessee enacts Jim Crow law.
2 1870 Douglas, McDuffie, Rockdale, and Dodge Counties formed.
7 1875 Oconee County formed.
1 1869 Cro-magnon Man fossils are found in France
9 1877 Edison invents the phonograph permitting music and voices to be recorded and replayed.
7 1875 Tennessee enacts Jim Crow law.
8 1876 The National League of Baseball is founded

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