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James Mack Patterson 

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Robert Malcom Patterson
1795 - 1860

Mary Curry
1798 - 1880
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James Mack Patterson
9/1827 - 1/15/1863
James Mack Patterson was born on an unknown day in September 1827 in Butler County, Alabama and died on January 15, 1863 in Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas. He lived to be 35 years old.

In 1852 he married Amanda M. Skaines (1/13/1835 - 2/15/1915 Morgan Mill, Erath County, Texas).
Caroline Patterson (1853)
Peter D. Patterson (1855 -1898) -married Trecy Ella Hightower(1868-1944)
John W. Patterson (10/7/1857 -8/11/1885)
David "Dave" Joshua Patterson (3/31/1860-5/24/1935) - married Frances Jordan (1862-1899)
Harriet P. Patterson (3/3/1862-6/15/1940)-married Andrew J. Woodard

He served in the 28th Texas, McLemore's Co., Randell's Regiment. While stationed in Little Rock, AR, he became sick in Nov. of 1862 and died in Jan. 1863 at the Military Hospital.
Census7/26/1860 Western District TX (Trinity County) 32 yrs old 
#437 -J. M. Patterson (age 32), Amanda Patterson (25), Caroline Patterson (7), Peter Patterson (5), John W. Patterson (3), William Patterson (3/12), Beckley Patterson (16), Vincent Patterson (14). All born in AL, excpt William in TX. J.M. is a farmer. Value of personal: $300  
Military6/11/1863 TX (Trinity County County) 35 yrs old 
Name: James M. Patterson, Age: 34 Enlistment Date: June 11, 1862, Enlistment Place: Trinity County, Record Type: Civil War Index- Abstracts of Muster Rolls 
Military8/24/1899 TX (Erath County) 36 yrs after death 
Confederate Pension Applications - Name: J. M. Patterson, Application Date: Aug. 24, 1899, Application Place: Erath, Spouse: Mrs Amanda Patterson, Marriage Date: 1852, Marriage Place: Butler, Alabama, Death Date: Jan.15, 1863, Pension File Number: 06998, Application Type: Widow What is the applicant age: 64, How long have you lived in said county?: 22 years, Morgan Mill, TX, What is your occupation?: cooking, washing, What is your physical condition?: not good, in fact bad.,Where you married to your husband anterior to March 1866? If so what date and where did you marry?: Yes, in 1852, in Butler Co. Alabama. (Sept.1827) , What is the date of his death?: Jan.15th 1863., Are you unmarried and have remained unmarried since the death of your husband?yes., State what regiment your deceased husband served: 28th Co. McLemore's Co. Texas Randell's Reg, Weeks Division, from May 1, 1862 to his death.  

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Click on any of the News, Events, or Discoveries buttons above to see historical things that happened during James Patterson's life. These are only some of the major events that affected the life and times of James, his family, and friends. For example, James is 3 years old when Indian Removal Act signed and the moving of eastern Indians west of the Mississippi begins.
8 1835 Alabama gold rush begins in the east-centrl hill country.
10 1837 The Second Creek war begins in 1836. In 1837 The Battle of Hobdy's Bridge becomes the last indian battle in AL.
13 1840 Alabama reports a total population of 590,756 on the 1940 Federal Census. This includes 335,185 whites, 255,571 blacks, 253,532 slaves, zero Native Americans, and others.
23 1850 State population=771,623. The 1850 Federal Census reveals the White population=426,514; African-American population=345,109; Slave population=342,844; Free black population=2,265; Urban population=35,179; Rural population=736,444; Cotton production in bales=564,429; Corn production in bushels=28,754,048; Number of manufacturing establishments=1,026.
3 1830 The first railroad is constructed between Liverpool and Manchester, England
12 1839 Goodyear invents vulcanized rubber, opening the door for tires and other rubber products.
17 1844 The first telegraph message is sent by Morse, who later invents the Mores Code
26 1853 The process of creating steel is invented by Besermer in Britain and Kelly in the U.S.
29 1856 The first Neanderthal fossils are found near Germany
32 1859 Charles Darwin publishes "Origin of Species" and begins the evolution theory.
1 1828 Gold is discovered in Georgia.
7 1834 July 9 - The S.S. John Randolph, the first successful iron steamship, is launched in Savannah
34 1861 NEWS HEADLINES: American Civil war begins at Ft. Sumter, located in Charleston Harbor, VA.
35 1862 NEWS HEADLINES: May 20, 1862 the US government passes the Homestead Act to provide cheap land for settlement of lower Southeast and West.
3 1830 Indian Removal Act signed and the moving of eastern Indians west of the Mississippi begins.
8 1835 Second Seminole Indian War begins.
10 1837 The trickery used to capture Seminole Indian Chief Osceola (Assi Yohola) creates a public uproar and U.S. General Jesup is publicly condemned.
13 1840 Oregon Trail is established
15 1842 Second Seminole Indian War ends and thousands of Seminole Indians are forced to move west of the Mississippi.
28 1855 Third Seminole Indian War begins. It ends three years later when Chief Billy Bowlegs and his band are forced to move from Florida.
33 1860 Presidential election puts Abraham Lincoln in office. The campaign has heated the issues regarding slavery in the south.
35 1862 May 20, 1862 the US government passes the Homestead Act to provide cheap land for settlement of lower Southeast and West.
36 1863 Abraham Lincoln issues the "Emancipation Proclamation" freeing slaves.
6 1833 Santa Anna is elected President of Mexico

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